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Facials services offered in Cooper City, FL

A facial is a safe, noninvasive treatment that can deliver dramatic results. The team at Belfon Health and Aesthetics, performs several facials to meet your specific skin care needs and goals, whether you have acne, fine lines and wrinkles, or want to improve dry skin. To schedule an appointment for facials with Belfon Health and Aesthetics in Cooper City, Florida, call the office or book online today.

Facials Q & A

What are facials?

Facials are skin care treatments that typically include four main steps: cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and hydrate. While being gentle on the skin and relaxing, facials may be able to create lasting outcomes when you seek care from a medical professional, like certified nurse practitioner Tysharra Belfon. 

Belfon Health and Aesthetics has the specialized skin care technology to identify and treat your unique skin concerns. The practice’s in-house skin analysis machine pinpoints damage beneath the skin that you can’t see with the naked eye. By uncovering hidden damage, Mrs. Belfon can find the right facial for you.

What can facials treat?

With multiple types of facials to choose from, Belfon Health and Aesthetics's licensed Estheticians can effectively target nearly any skin concern, including:

  • Enlarged pores
  • Acne or acne scars
  • Dry or oily skin
  • Sun damage
  • Brown spots
  • Uneven tone or texture
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Redness
  • Mild skin laxity
  • Melasma

Facials can enhance your skin for a radiant complexion that appears brighter and smoother.

What are the different types of facials?

Belfon Health and Aesthetics offers several different types of facials for men and women of all ages:

  • Not So Basic Facial
  • Not so Basic Teen Facial 12 and older 
  • Acne Facial
  • BHA Signature Facial

Microdermabrasion facial

Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure that removes dead skin cells with an abrasive material. Along with complexion abnormalities, microdermabrasion can minimize the appearance of mild scarring and stretch marks.


The Hydrating facial at Belfon Health and Aesthetic is a type of Hydrafacial that is a skin resurfacing treatment that can significantly improve the tone and texture of your skin. The treatment uses technology to simultaneously extract pores and infuse your skin with hydrating serums to minimize irritation. The Hydrating facial is also highly customizable. Different serums can target your unique skin concerns.

Can I try facials with other treatments?

Belfon Health and Aesthetics offers several complementary treatments that you can pair with facials:


Dermaplaning is a noninvasive treatment that uses a sharp blade to remove dead skin cells, small hairs, and other imperfections. Not only can dermaplaning enhance your complexion, but it also leaves your skin soft and smooth.

LED light

LED light therapy can help reduce inflammation and stimulate collagen production to accelerate the benefits of your facial.

Botox vampire facial

A vampire facial is an aesthetic treatment that uses platelet-rich plasma in your blood to promote collagen production. Pairing this treatment with Botox, a treatment that minimizes wrinkles, can enhance your results.

To schedule an appointment for facials with Belfon Health and Aesthetics in Cooper City, Florida, call the office or book online today.